About Professional Chinese Massage Therapy

Professional Chinese Massage Therapy is an Edmonton Based clinic offering massage therapy based on traditional Chinese medical science

My name is Katie. The massage therapy that I offer is based on traditional Chinese medical science. I have 20 years of experience in Canada and China. I’m a proud member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). As a result, I follow a strict code of ethics. In my practice I provide deep-tissue massage and high-density cupping therapy. Through massage therapy I alleviate muscle fatigue, work stress, neck and/or back and/or waist muscle pain, contusions, sprains, headaches, twists, unusual extensions, numbness in your extremities, general injuries or just the common cold. Additionally, my approach is significantly effective on car accident injuries and old un-healed pain. Another effective method of massage therapy offered by me is massage by foot. It works very well for those that are extremely fatigued. Physically large size patients benefit from this method, as well. I wish to emphasize that the unique high-density cupping therapy is proven to be an effective treatment for recovery from various injuries. If necessary, I can focus the cupping therapy in key areas that require intensive care.

The benefits of massage therapy are that you will be more relaxed in your everyday life and activities. The tendon connections from your muscles to your bones will be stronger and can withstand more tension.

I am committed to healing and wellness of all our clients. I will never cause any harm or injury to my clients. I recognize and respect the inherent worth and cultural beliefs of each client. I strongly advocate for respectful treatment of all clients. I believe in the highest level of personal and professional integrity in the pursuit and delivery of natural health services. All expenses are eligible for reimbursement through your health benefit package provided by your employer or through your personal package. Please consult with your company benefits administrator for details.

I want to provide my clients with the best attention to health and happiness as possible.



I want to provide my clients with the best attention to health and happiness as possible. The knowledge that I bring yields the following benefits:



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              2013 Graduated from Archways Healing College in Edmonton, Alberta
              There I furthered my studies in AP&T, reflexology, maternal massage, passive/active release and Swedish massage.
              2008 to 2013 Received more on the job training from a very experienced mentor in Canada.
              2000 Graduated from Guangxi Chinese Medical Massage School
              Areas of studies included Chinese medical massage specializing in treating the meridian system, cupping, acupressure and reflexology.
              Gained valuable experience for 5 years while working as a massage therapist in Nanning, Guangxi, China.


              A typical 1 hour massage includes 5 minutes for the client to change his/her clothes at the beginning and for him/her to pay for the treatment at the end. So, what you get is a 55 minute massage.
              If you are late I will allow your appointment to the full hour. If there is someone else booked after you, however, then, your appointment must end at the time of your initial booking. In this case there will be no credits for appointments under an hour.
              Upon your first visit there are is an insurance disclaimer form. This form must be filled out before treatment begins.